Artist Statement:

My work concerns with the phenomenological relationship between self and the object, in particular through agency of gestural mark making, as a performative act, to fixate, posits and assigns meaning within the temporal “phenomena” world.

Merleau-Ponty asserts that our embodied subjectivity is not an absolute antinomy between subject and object, but in the intertwining of these two aspects, or where the two lines of a chiasm intersect with one another. The temporality of the gesture then act as a binding force between the two, through vulnerability of the body and object, created the transitional space in which the entities and world can intersect and commune.

The traces of the act hinges in between the space, as mappings of its temporal “process”.

Lygia Clark referred to this as an embodiment of “living experiences”, or fields of force in which the bodily experience is enacted through the phenomenological engagement between the subject and the objects.